Air b&b user is traumatized by pro trump signs

Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. She was traumatized by some Pro-President Trump signs that were posted at the residence that they had rented. She also claimed that there were “1 KKK flags and symbols” (notice the great grammar, how can one thing be plural?).

She also complains about the American flags that were posted around the property. She says that the flags are used “to scare black people”. If this person is indeed educated by a higher institution of education, they need to revoke her diplomas. But, don’t take my word for it, see for yourself:

Click the embedded tweet to go to the thread on Twitter. There’s no images of any of the things that she’s listed in the thread. Sounds like another liberal lie to me. It seems like when they spout off about companies to hurt their business, it’s full of shit (as always). The left always lies. That’s the only constant on the internet that you can depend on on the internet. That’s why I make these posts. To educate.

With the 2020 election on the way, you’d be sure, that their lies will increase. Their party has no platform (socialism, BLM, and Antifa). That’s not a platform. The majority of America doesn’t want socialism. BLM and Antifa running around killing and terrorizing people, burning down our cities, killing Police Officers, screaming to Defund the Police so they can continue their terror…

I don’t want a fair country. I want a free country. I value my liberties too much, Democrats, liberals, and progressives.

Why the American left is racist

The American left is inherently racist by design. Let’s go back to the time of slavery in America. Who wanted to keep slavery because of the then newly invented cotton gin? The south, then heavily Democrat. The textiles were heavily taxed because of slavery. They ceeded because of it.

The American Civil War started. Then President Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) needed money for the war, so he made the war about slavery. The south lost. The Democrats (sore losers till today), created the KKK to disrupt reclamation of the southern states and harass black and white Republicans.

The KKK went Dormant until Democrat President Wilson screened A Birth of A Nation in the White House. Then they went active again, nation wide, the Jim Crow laws (Democrat written and supported). Segregation was in effect (also a Democrat idea). Then there was MLK…


MLK a man with a vision, a real American Hero. He wanted all people to be judged by the content of their personality, NOT the color of their skin.

The latter is what the American left, BLM, and Antifa wants you to do. That’s racist. They want Americans to hire people based on race, sexual orientation, etc. NOT skills and merit. Not only is this racist, it’s anti-American.

The left has never had any place in America. We tolerated them here. Now they’ve gone too far. We the American Right, have already gotten peace in the Middle East well underway, while the left riots, murders, and sets fires to our cities.

Hawaii trying to emulate California again

But…They’re not allowing public testimony on any of the bills that they’re trying to pass. It’s police state type of governing that should worry everyone.

The bills

The bills they’re trying to pass? Legalizing marijuana for one, the other, a resolution to dissolve the second amendment.

Similar legalization of marijuana bills have passed in other states including California, such as Colorado with disastrous results. Anyone with half a brain can do some digging and see all the DUIs and crime rates went up in Colorado after the legalization happened.

Getting rid of the Second Amendment? What’s next? Freedom of speech? This is why I say it’s a type of…

Police state

They didn’t consult with the citizens in the state, they’re just doing their own thing. Not everyone here are far left socialist progressives. This is the first step in the direction of a police state.

People in the state vote blindly along party lines. The Democratic Party is nothing but a bunch of Communists that refuse to see what they really are.

The state of Hawaii will be a fascist state if something isn’t done, and the Democrats aren’t removed from power soon.

The green lie

The left and the Democrats go on and on about green energy. When in all reality, there’s no such thing as green energy, and it’s not sustainable. Why? Well, let’s look at the various types of “green” Energy and see.


This type of energy isn’t green at all. First it takes metal to make the solar panels and the elements. You have to mine for them. Imagine all the gas that’s consumed by the tractors and other mining equipment, then there’s the damage to the Earth. Sustainable? No. The power needs to be stores in batteries or after sundown or on a cloudy day, no electricity. Also to power an entire household just on solar power would take more power than would fit on a roof of a house.


For the same reasons above except wind is the factor here. The wind turbines create less electricity than you think. Plus it’s noisy, and it’s known to kill arial wildlife. Just as with the solar panels you need to mine metals for the components. So it’s not sustainable either.

Electric powered cars

Electric by itself is a green energy, but how do you create it is another. Buying a hybrid car or even a fully electric car doesn’t decrease your ‘carbon footprint’. Why? You have to plug it in somewhere don’t you? Where I live, we burn oil that boils water, that creates steam, that turns turbines that creates electricity. Other places uses nuclear. No matter how your city creates electricity, it’s still dirty. And since you’re charging your car with that electricity, you’re not helping the environment any more than you would with just having a regular gas vehicle.

Would I call this sustainable? No. It’s just a fancy car.

Saturday Thoughts

The Democrats/left are the most disgusting, ignorant, fascist, racist, and hypocritical people that can ever exist. They have no idea what’s going on around them. All they care about is power and what they want. They take no time to look at the far-reaching repercussions of their actions, and all they’re concern about is the now.

In an upcoming post, I will show that they are also violent beyond belief and should not be allowed to own weapons of any kind without undergoing extensive psychological evaluations. Their ideology prescribes violence for everything. Bully tactics are normal for them, and so is prison time apparently. They are quick to jump to conclusions, lack the ability to effectively communicate via written word as well. This is why they fear conservatives on social media.

Anyhow, my rant is over, be sure to look out for my next post when my research is complete my post will be as well.

Return control of the schools to conservatives

Enough! Bullying, shootings, punchings, teachers refusing to allow students freedom of expression… Does this sound like class or Nazi Germany???

California music teacher arrested after video captures him punching student:

The article above with the video is evidence enough. The left is only fit to run the garbage scowls…perhaps not even that! These are our children we’re talking about here!

Ideology = Behavior?

Does Ideology decide someone’s psychological profile? In this post, we’ll talk about that some. Since the 2016 election, I had a lot of interaction with people from the left in form of what I like to call “debates”. It’s not really debates that we have, due to the to the fact that the leftist opposition bring no real proof, just propaganda and insults to the debate, but that’s what I call them.

I notice that they all regard themselves as better than everyone else for whatever reason there may be. In every instance that I have met up with someone from the left, they have always talked down to me, no matter if they knew if I was a conservative or not. What I find weird is that even when they talk to one another, they seem to even talk down to one another at times.

Educational wise, while even the ‘educated’ ones aren’t very educated even though they claim that they are educated. Some talk about in-depth research, but can’t seem to separate propaganda from actual fact. Most don’t even do research for whatever reason that there may be. When confronted with facts both educated and uneducated recoils and either gets silent, or the insults begins.

That is when all hell breaks loose, and they behave like a school child trying to win the “argument” or “debate” with whatever means are necessary. It’s disgusting. It always goes the same way. Anyhow, with all that said I’ve noticed the following things about every liberal that I’ve ever run into on Twitter and on Facebook.

  • They don’t do real collegiate research. They just find some article on the internet that agrees with their viewpoint, and voila, that’s their corresponding proof. Regardless of how credible the source may be.
  • They’re very over emotional, and argue with emotion, not logic.
  • They think one case of personal experience makes them an expert.
  • They believe the biased media, and feel that they’re credible (indoctrination 101).
  • They listen and coon on social media as stars rant and rave about lunatic ideas, and even believe them many times.
  • They have no idea what side of the political spectrum that communism falls on.
  • They don’t have the understanding what communism and socialism REALLY is.
  • They don’t know what the Democrat party really is and why it was founded.
  • They have no idea what the Bill of Rights really says.
  • They have no idea what the first amendment really says (or any of the amendments for that matter, although they love to quote them).
  • They look to other cultures past and presence than their own for guidance.
  • Follow but ask no questions of their leadership.
  • They have no clue who actually created the KKK.

This is just about every liberal that I’ve ever run into. They’re in the dark, and they’re literally ignorant about the past and the present of their own party. But this is their ideology. Never question the ruling class that tells them what to do. The rich and the famous. Think about it. It’s true.

The deep state didn’t start with George Soros

The Deep State Didn’t Start with George Soros

By Niccolò Caranti - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
By Niccolò Caranti – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Photo Info

The deep state didn’t start with George Soros. It started with someone else. George Soros got all his money and power just after Hillary Clinton switched sides. Yes, George Soros came to America already somewhat old. We need to look elsewhere to see where the Deep State started. We need to look back to the start of the cold war.

The Cold War

The Cold War As Depicted By The Then Less Fake News.
The Cold War As Depicted By The Then Less Fake News.

Mind you that the cold war wasn’t just cold, it was an actual war fought with bullets, soldiers, and planes. It was something that many people didn’t know that was going on at the time. It was the wars in Vietnam and South Korea. China and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR was pushing to put a socialist government into power into the countries. Then President John F. Kennedy Jr. felt that we could help and win a war out there, so he sent out advisors, then troops, and more troops. If he had listened to his generals and the people of the country of Vietnam, we could have won those wars, but he turned the deaf ear.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War
The Vietnam War

It was during the Vietnam war that Russia and China were perfecting their propaganda techniques, and they were also indoctrination courses for people in their colleges for people for other countries. People got free degrees from Russia’s communist accredited college, but they needed to be communist. To be communist you must have and share their ideals. Who attended their colleges? Americans, Africans, Japanese, Chinese, British, Norwegians, you name it. That’s how communism and socialism spread. Because after they were done they with their education, they went back home, and spread their new ideals and beliefs to everyone.

Voila, there you have it, the new Democrat Party of today. Things have been simmering up until this point. Until now. They see a gutsy American businessman ready to take on the rotting going on in the background that’s undoing all their hard work, so they’re ready to show their true colors and do everything that they can to try to stop him.


Mental illness not usually linked to crime

With all the violent crimes being committed these days (the school shootings and the more recent shooting at the e-gaming event), and everyone saying that mental health is always a factor, I felt it was time to look more into the issue. Seeing that I have some background in the subject (OK, one class), I’d look more into it.

A study

According to an article posted by the American Psychological Association (The APA), a study was done that shows that mental illness isn’t usually linked to crime. Stated in said article, in a study done of crimes committed by people with serious mental illnesses, only seven and a half percent were directly related to symptoms of mental illness.

The Numbers

According to the study done of 429 crimes committed by 143 people diagnosed with either depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder. They found that:

  • 3% of their crimes were directly related to symptoms of depression
  • 4% of their crimes were directly related to symptoms of schizophrenia
  • 10% of their crimes were directly related to symptoms of to bipolar disorder.

If you add all of that up that’s only 17% of the 429 crimes.


Some of you may be asking, ‘Well what about patterns?’ The study could find no predictable patterns in any of the crimes, in both criminal history and mental health symptoms. In other words, they’re as random as shuffling a deck of cards and picking a card and trying to guess it.

How does it relate then?

While the sample size was rather small, at 143 people, it’s significant enough to show that not all mentally ill people commit crimes because of their illness, but instead use it as an excuse to get a lighter punishment or get no punishment at all.

Therefore, it is in my conclusion that as the APA states from their study that not all crimes are linked to mental illness. But, don’t take my word for it, read the article and the study for yourself, I will include the link below. Do your own research. Leave a comment and tell me your own findings.

The scary path of the left and the Democrats

I have watched the downward spiral of the Democrats and the left since the 2016 election. They’ve gone from human (and I use that term very loosely for them), to foaming at the mouth lunatics at the present. They follow blindly, and turn the blind eye to the blinding truth of what’s actually going on around them.

They have no understanding of the political system or American History even though they claim to have some kind of education. They don’t even know that communism, the Nazi Party, and the Fascist Party lays on the left of the political spectrum. But, they are quick to label people with the term of Nazi and Fascist.

They are also quick to oppress and suppress people when their ideas doesn’t agree with their own. A good example of this is Twitter and Facebook, where as of writing this post they are currently censoring conservatives because they don’t want Republicans to win the midterm elections. When the day comes that they start censoring blogs, because the parent company of wordpress is Google, that is yet to be seen.

Here’s a couple of links to educate yourself about the censorship going on right now:

In the end, the very thing that the left says that they hate so much, they have very much become. They are the evil that which lurks from within, and they must be dealt with accordingly so that everyone may have civil rights, not just them. I have told many of them that in the ending when the real truth comes out in the end I wouldn’t be surprised if America bans the Democrat Party like the Germans banned the Nazi Party after WWII.

I fully support a ban of the Democrat Party and the left. They are causing the wedge in the country. The small minority is making the biggest noise, but they are a minority in the nation. The rest of the nation wants them gone.

Censorship is dangerous. Regardless if you’re on the left or the right. This is freedom of speech that we’re talking about. One of the very core values that the United States was founded on. If you take that away, your other freedoms will indeed follow.

With Wisdom Comes Truth